My Story

It is my belief that everyone of us has a sixth sense. Whether we choose to call this psychic ability or intuition, we all have developed this skill to some degree. 

My own psychic abilities, like many, began as a child. I can remember being in elementary school and having the uncanny
ability to know exactly what all of the adults in the room were thinking about each other and even about me! In my mind, I would finish people's sentences before they had even been spoken. This use of my psychic skills and intuition was all just a normal part of my childhood experience.

It wasn't until Junior High School that I had my first experience with a spirit. My father and I were on summer vacation exploring the four corners region of the Southwest. We had been driving for a few hours and were quite tired from our travels. I was reading, and my dad's eyes were fixed straight ahead on the road, when I heard a strong male voice say, "Look!" I nearly jumped out of my seat. I looked at my dad who clearly had not said it or heard it. When I looked to the right out my window, I saw a beautiful natural golden arch worthy of a National Geographic cover. Looking back on it now, I see what a beautiful gift spirit had given me. Unfortunately, at the time I just wasn't ready for it. It made me realize the world was not as it seemed. It scared me. For the next few years, I unconsciously shut down my abilities.

In college, the window began to open again. I had just begun school when my grandfather died. I will never forget the day I went to his viewing at the funeral home. It was just the two of us. I was looking down at my grandfather in his casket remembering how he had looked the last time I saw him. I was telling him how much I was going to miss him, and as I walked out the door I heard his voice speak back to me. He told me he loved me and would miss me too. He spoke as if he were standing right next to me. This time I didn't succumb to fear. I fully embraced his words of love. I never spoke of it to anyone. Years later, I shared my story with my brother, and he said our grandfather had spoken to him that day as well.

It wasn't until my cousin Kimberley's death, however, that I was able to have a full conversation with spirit. Kim and I were only a few years apart. Quite unexpectedly, she died in her sleep. She was only 37. Needless to say, initially she wasn't very pleased with her passing. For two weeks we communicated through automatic writing, which progressed to full communication. She asked me to write a letter to her immediate family, which terrified me for they knew nothing of my very hidden skills. I simply had to trust in her and in myself that the information would be well received. Thankfully, when I did present the letter, her sister said it sounded exactly like her! After that day, her energy shifted, and she was able to be at peace.

Up until Kim's passing, I had only been doing spirit letters through automatic writing. Kim was able to guide me from the other side and help advance me to the next step of one on one readings. I'm very grateful to her for all that she taught me.