The best way to approach a reading, is to have an open mind. Although you may want to connect with one particular person, it is often the strongest energies that make the first connection. Always be open to different possibilities because even unexpected messages and communicators can be a rewarding part of your healing process. 

To increase your chances of hearing from a specific loved one, you can talk with them prior to your session and ask them to come through clearly in your reading. Keep in mind that some spirits are better communicators than others. If they were shy in life, they will most likely need a little more encouragement than someone who was naturally outgoing. The spirit world responds to your thoughts and emotions. By sending them your love and thoughts, you are inviting them to participate in the session.

Tips for a great reading:

1. Set an intention for your reading: what would you like to accomplish? (Then let it go)

2. Through your thoughts and prayers, ask your loved ones to show up and communicate clearly through your medium.

3. Make a mental note of friends and family who have crossed.  

4. Let the medium know when they are correct. (Never feed them info, but a simple "yes" will allow for the positive flow of energy to continue)

5. Be willing to work with the medium on interpreting the information that comes through. Symbols may come up that may have significance to you, and only you know the interpretation.

For example, if I see a courtroom and you work in the law, this is an acknowledgement that the spirit world is aware of your daily life. These confirmations are there, if you are open to the message.

In readings, I am connecting with your loved ones as well as your spirit guides in bringing through the highest guidance for you at this time. Spirit has their own agenda, which makes each reading a wonderful and unique experience.