Dear Shereece, Thank you so much for the wonderful readings I had with you! My Mom died a long time ago and although the pain is no longer raw, I do feel sad from time to time. I didn't know what to expect, but you were reassuring and professional and I knew I could trust whatever came through. My Mom definitely came through – loud and clear and that made me truly happy! I laughed, I cried, but most important I knew, by your chosen words and the facts you mentioned, that it was my Mom. She was a very unique lady and I feel closer to her now than I have in a very long time. You are truly gifted and my heart is much happier now.

Alexandria, San Francisco, CA

Dear Shereece, I just wanted to thank you again for sharing your time and amazing gift with me last February. I can’t even explain how it has affected me. I have been living with so much sadness for the past 20 years. In the 2 short hours of our time together, you have filled the void with love and happiness.

Your detailed descriptions of my loved ones personality were spot on. There messages were much validation for me, that my family members are still with me guiding me every day. Thank you for that. It truly is a gift and I am grateful that I was able to find you and have you share it with me.

Courtney, Los Angeles, CA

I feel very blessed to have received a reading from Shereece. Spirit communicated through her with an astonishing clarity and directness and the messages that I received about where I stand in my life right now and what the possibilities for my future are touched me deeply. I am very grateful to have received this guidance.

Tania Costantini Zimmermann, Marbella, Spain

Shereece, I wanted to write you and Thank you for the amazing connection you made for me with my mom. My mother had crossed over in June last year and you read me in November 2011. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever done. It was like talking to her again. You really touched my heart and sorry for the tears but they were tears of joy. The things and facts you told me were spot on and I remember it today just as crystal clear. I thank you for the work you do, you are truly an amazing Medium. You will touch many lives and I know you touched mine deeply.

Margaret Hargett, North Carolina

Shereece, Thank you so much for contacting my Dad for me. I really felt his presence all around me while we were talking. I was amazed how you described him so well. You told me he was eager to talk to me, and I felt the same about talking to him. I didn't realize until I was off the phone with you, that we were in my car talking together the whole time. That was so perfect, because that is the very place my dad and I always had our heart to heart conversations, and that is the place I always think of him the most now that he has passed! It was meant to be. 

There were so many things left unsaid between us. You brought us together and helped us clear up many unanswered questions.

Overall, I have noticed a new sense of peace when I think of my dad now. I have also noticed when my dad comes to me in my dreams, I am more at peace. Before we talked, I always felt so unsettled when I would dream about him.

Thank you so much for taking your time with us and brining us together again. I look forward to another reading.

B.B.J. Marin County, CA

I can't speak highly enough of Shereece and her amazing gift. After my readings
for my mother and father, I stopped wondering "Are you listening to me?" "Are you here
with me?" Shereece's accuracy validated my belief in the spiritual world. My readings were
enlightening and they gave me eternal peace about death. I feel so much closer to my mother
and father than ever before. Shereece has a very warm, sincere, and comforting approach. She
is a blessing!

Veronica, Petaluma, CA

Shereece is a wonderful, caring medium with whom I felt safe to try to contact my late brother-in-law if he felt like coming through. I have never done this before, and was rather apprehensive. However, Shereece put me at my ease, and sure enough, he came through and gave some information that was very comforting to my husband. It was a perfect first experience for me.

FP, London, UK

Shereece has a true gift. She is able to hear and clearly communicate with those who are on the other side. Her reading for me was accurate, healing, and very helpful. She brought deep understanding of some issues my family was struggling with in regards to the dying of a loved one. I am grateful and blessed by having Shereece in my life.

Sheryl Lee, Los Angeles, CA

Shereece, I wanted to thank you for connecting me with my mom who crossed March 4, 2012. You connected me on December 19, 2013, and you are amazing. I was a skeptic about psychics and tarot card readers but your mediumship has allowed me to keep an opened mind. Your extraordinary energy combined with my mom's and other crossed family members has given me a reading that will now give me closure in my life. Thank you. Your the best.

Alexis Bell, Los Angeles, CA

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Photo of Melanie R.

  • 1review
  • Melanie R.

Los Angeles, CA

5.0 star rating6/7/2013

Shereece is amazing! She connected with both of my parents who passed away several years ago. She was able to give me specific information - such as the exact color and style of my favorite dress that I wore when I was five years old - to confirm that she had indeed reached my mom. She has conducted two readings for me and each time it was extremely emotional not only due to the information that she was giving me but also because I could feel their presence surrounding me. Shereece creates a very safe and loving environment which assists in your ability to open-up to the energy that she is connecting with. She truly has a genuine gift and I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her!

Photo of Veronica N.

  • 1review
  • Veronica N.

Petaluma, CA

5.0 star rating5/17/2013

Shereece has an amazing gift!  She has helped me connect with my parents. Her readings have brought me so much peace and comfort and she has validated my belief that their spirits are always around me.  Shereece is patient, accurate, and honest.  I highly recommend her.

Photo of Jenn B.

  • 1review
  • Jenn B.

Manhattan Beach, CA

5.0 star rating5/13/2013

My reading with Shereece was  extremely accurate and heart felt. She gave me information from a very missed loved one and couldn't have been guessing. She was spot on in every area and it gave me a Lot of peace. I trust her completely to give guidance and helpful advice in every area in life. Thank you!

Photo of Shelley R.

  • 3reviews
  • Shelley R.

Los Angeles, CA

5.0 star rating5/8/2013

"Shereece has a kind, open-hearted gentle way of communicating. Her readings touched my heart and gave me strength during a difficult time."

Photo of Leanna T.

  • 4reviews
  • Leanna T.

Port Hueneme, CA

5.0 star rating5/6/2013

I had a telephone reading with Shereece and I was amazed!  I wanted to hear from my father and he stepped right up!  Shereece was able to validate that indeed it was my father through things that no one else outside of my family would know.  After giving me exact details of his life, I knew it was my dad.  After that she delivered the message from him that answered the exact questions that  I had been needing an answer to  since his passing.  The reading brought me great peace.  She has a true gift from God and I am so thankful for what she was able to do for me.  I highly recommend her.  

Leanna Torres

Photo of Nivie S.

  • 1review
  • Nivie S.

Moreno Valley, CA

5.0 star rating5/6/2013

Shereece is amazing!! She helped me connect with my late husband which I missed so much and needed to hear from.  I learned things that I had not known and it gave me so much peace.  Such a blessing and a great gift she has.  I would highly recommend Shereece and I already have to several of my friends.  Thank you so much!!

Joanne Alosi

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