About Mediumship

What is a medium?

A medium has the ability to communicate between this life and the next life. He or she is essentially a link between two worlds, both receiving and sending information. Every communication is different due to the different personalities of the individual spirit communicators as well as the compatibility of the spirit and the medium.

Psychic vs Medium?

Whether we are aware of it or not, everyone is psychic to some degree. We all naturally utilize our sixth sense by following our "gut instinct" or non-verbal communications. Psychics access information from the emotional, physical, and auric fields. Mediums are psychics who also can tune into the higher frequency or energies of the spirit and convey messages from the afterlife.

Types of Mediums: Physical vs Mental?

Physical mediumship is a type of mediumship where a medium's physical body is used to relay message. Today this is a rare form usually demonstrated in private seances. Mental mediumship is the most common form of mediumship and is demonstrated through the mind of the medium. This form uses several distinct types of communication for the medium to work with:

Clairvoyance - Clear Vision 

Clairaudience - Clear Hearing 

Clairsentience - Clear Feeling 

Clairempathy - Clear Emotion 

Clairgustance - Clear Tasting 

Clairolfaction - Clear Smelling 

Claircognizance - Clear Knowing

It is the challenge of the medium to draw upon these senses and bring forward a message that the sitter will be able to recognize. I find that my strongest senses are: feeling, seeing, and hearing.

How does mediumship work?

We are all made up of energy that is always changing. It never dies. In physical form, our energy is dense. The spirit world vibrates at a much higher rate. In order for communication to take place, the spirit realm must lower their energy as the medium raises theirs. The clearest communication meets in the middle.

Where is the Spirit World?

My belief is that it is all around us. It isn't above us or below us. We simply co-exist at different levels and frequencies of vibration.