Q. Is there any difference between an in person and phone reading?

A. As spirit is not limited to time or space, it makes phone readings just as effective as in person. It comes down to personal preference. I believe that this is a healing process, and you must pick what is best for you. 

Q. Should you do a reading one on one or with another person?

A. The only time I would recommend doing a reading with another person is if you share a common goal. For example, you would both like to contact your mother and any other family members you have in common. This would be the only time I would share a reading.

Q. If I have a reading and no one shows up, what does that mean?

A. There are a variety of answers to this question. One possibility is the sitter may not be ready to receive the message. Healing on one or both sides may need to take place before the connection is optimal. During these times spirit will often communicate with us indirectly though we are usually unaware of it.

Q. Is there a waiting period after a person passes into spirit before they can communicate?

To ensure the best reading, I would wait at least 3 months for optimal communication. Even though there is no perfect timeline in which to reach a spirit, it's important for us on this side to first work through some of our stages of grieving. When the time comes, this will help you to be open to receiving the message. 

Q. Can you communicate with a spirit who spoke a foreign language?

A. Yes. Language barriers do not exist in the spirit realm. In one of the first readings I ever gave, the spirit started speaking Spanish. I simply asked him to speak in English and raised my vibration to strengthen the link between us.

Q. Can spirits and spirit guides predict the future?

A. I primarily deal in present and past, but occasionally future will naturally come into play. It is important to realize that we all have free will, and messages of the future can always change according to you.

Q. What are spirit guides?

A. We all have a spiritual support team offering us love and guidance. This team of helpers will be with you throughout your life. There are many types of spirit guides: they may be angelic, family members that have crossed, or spiritual teachers who help us understand our true spiritual nature.

Q. If a spirit comes back to speak with us, does that mean that they haven't crossed over?

A. No! Spirits can and do communicate once they have crossed over. They are simply exercising their free will to relay messages because they can. In all my experience, their goal is to provide evidence of life after death and support for loved ones beyond the physical form.

Q. What is a spirit that has not crossed over?

A. This is a term for spirits that are earth bound. It is very easy for a medium to tell the difference between earthbound and non earth bound spirits. Those that are earthbound are still engaged in fear based or negative thinking. Non earthbound spirits (or spirits that have crossed) relay only messages of love and support. Many mediums and healers will send earthbound spirits light and love encouraging them into the light. When these spirits are ready, they will cross.

Q. Are spirits always watching me?

A. No. You can call a spirit close to you with your thoughts and prayers. They are often around lending support when you are going through a difficult time as well as happy times, such as weddings, birthdays, and holidays. In readings, some spirits are eager to share their own activities on the other side. These are often things they enjoyed during their lifetime here.

Q. Why are timelines sometimes off with spirit?

A. Time and space are a limitation of our physical existence here on earth. I believe it is sometimes hard for spirits to conform to this line of thinking once they have left the physical body.

Q. Do you ask for specific information from your clients?

A. No. Prior to the reading, I prefer not to ask any questions and just be present with the client and the information that comes through. However, during the reading I may ask you the first name of the person you want to contact. For me, this is like picking up a telephone and getting the person directly.

Q. Am I connecting with spirit all of the time?

A. Thankfully, I can now say no. As I have grown, I have learned stronger boundaries. I try my best to keep my communications to my readings. It has to be a very strong energy to get in otherwise. I do not read people unless they ask me to.

Q. Is there anything specific I do before communicating with a client's loved ones?

A. Before each reading I meditate and ground myself for protection. Sometimes, specific information will come through in the meditation or not until the client walks into the door. Each reading is a unique experience.